How is your food made?

All of our fresh dog food recipes are prepared fresh every week. Here's a little bit about how we do that!

1. Procure fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Every ingredient we use at NomNomNow is human-grade, restaurant-quality, and as fresh as possible! (Yes, that means you could eat them too!) We purchase all of our ingredients from restaurant suppliers right here in San Francisco. 

All ingredients are inspected upon arrival at our kitchen, and rejected if they don't meet our standards. 


2. Cook the fresh ingredients.

Our NomNomNow kitchen staff works hard to prepare all of these fresh ingredients for our 5 different recipes. With certifications in human food safety and handling, they ensure that every ingredient is prepared just as it should be. This takes time, but we believe in doing nothing less.


3. Prepare our 4 fresh recipes. 

Every one of our fresh dog food recipes and fresh cat food recipes has been formulated by Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg, and our NomNomNow kitchen team works hard to prepare them for your dogs every week. After ingredients are cooked as they should be, our team starts mixing our recipes, and ensuring each has the perfect balance of ingredients, healthy supplements, and vitamins and nutrients just as Dr. Shmalberg has formulated them.


4. Portion your dog's meals. 

When all recipes are prepared, we do the labor of love of portioning every dog's meals out individually. All of this is done by hand, so we can ensure your dog is receiving the exact calories they are supposed to for every meal. By measuring down to the gram, per Dr. Shmalberg's assessment of your dog's caloric needs, we are able to perfectly portion every meal so you don't have to. 


5. Deliveries are packed.

Based on your delivery schedule, we will place either a week or a month's worth of meal packs in an insulated box. We don't freeze the meals before sending, we simply pack them fresh with sufficient dry ice in our protective liner and box, to ensure the box acts as a little refrigerator in transit. 

6. You receive fresh meals cooked just days before. 

We ship all of your dog's meal to you (free delivery every time!), and you receive the freshest food possible. At mealtime, simply remove one meal pack from the fridge, use the easy-tear notch to open it, and pour the fresh, whole food in your dog's bowl!




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