Can I get multiple recipes in one order?

By turning on recipe rotation in your online account, your dog can receive a different recipe with each order (this has a ton of benefits!). However, we do not offer multiple recipes in the same order.

Why? Changing recipes from one meal to the next does not allow for optimal nutrient absorption. It's ideal that your dog does rotate between different recipes to over time, though feeding them multiple recipes within the span of one order would be too frequent of a change. 

We currently offer 4 fresh dog food recipes, and many of our nommers enjoy more than one of our recipes in their meal plan through recipe rotation. Turn Recipe Rotation on by logging into your account, and selecting ON. You can select only the recipes you'd like to receive, and de-select any you aren't interested in. (If your dog has allergies, please make sure to view the ingredient lists before selecting recipes for your dog's rotation.)

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