Do you use organic ingredients?

At NomNomNow, we use all-natural, human-grade ingredients in all of our meals. At the moment, we are not using organic ingredients, and there are a few reasons why.

When creating our meals, we've worked hard to provide the healthiest, most convenient dog food possible, while also making our service accessible to as many pet parents as possible. Unfortunately, the cost of organic ingredients prices out many who are looking for a healthier alternative to processed dog foods. 

Our Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Shmalberg has noted that a fresh diet made with non-organic ingredients (like NomNomNow) remains a much healthier option than a processed dog food (wet or kibble) that may use "organic" ingredients, but also relies on artificial preservatives, fillers, colorings, and other additives. The processes used to produce these commercial dog foods often deteriorate the many nutrients in these "organic" ingredients, rendering them a far less healthy option. 

Additionally, there is great debate in the pet space regarding what "organic" in pet food really means. There is limited data on ingredient origin, etc., and this word is often be misused.

As Dr. Shmalberg is always further researching our recipes and how to continually provide the healthiest dog food on the market, you can rest assured that we will serve your dog's only what we believe to be the very best. 


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