How to defrost NomNomNow

All NomNomNow meals arrive fresh, never frozen, and will stay fresh in your fridge for at least one week. If you will be storing your NomNomNow meals for longer than a week, you will need to store them in your freezer. Because we vacuum-seal all of our fresh meals, they will stay fresh in your freezer for at least 6 months.


How to defrost

There are a few way to defrost frozen NomNomNow meal packs. For quick defrosting, simply remove a sealed meal pack from your freezer, and place in a bowl with warm water as you may defrost any other food. 

For slower defrosting, move frozen meal packs from your freezer to fridge 24-48 hours before serving. They will slowly defrost here, and be ready to serve after 1-2 days. 


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