Is a picky eater?

Even the pickiest of pets enjoy the benefits of a fresh diet, with fresh meals rarely receiving a turned-away nose! In our experience, even the pickiest pups and kitties have liked one, if not all, of NomNomNow's fresh cooked recipes.

When determining what to order for your picky eater, we suggest selecting a recipe with a protein they typically enjoy (for example, if your dog is more likely to eat something with beef, start with our Heartland Beef Mash for your first week! If you cat is more likely to eat something with chicken, start with our Chicken Chow-Meow!). You can view all of our fresh dog food recipes here and all our fresh cat food recipes here.

We also currently offer a Variety Pack for dogs so your pup can sample all 4 of our delicious, fresh recipes. This can be purchased here.

Recipe Rotation

After your first order, we highly recommend our Recipe Rotation feature for picky eaters. With this feature, you can receive a different recipe with every order. Plus, receiving unique ingredient and nutrient profiles can provide health benefits as well!

  • To turn this feature on, simply visit your NomNomNow account, turn Recipe Rotation 'on', and select the recipes your pet liked that you would enjoy included in your rotation.
  • You can update this at any time, but please remember our 12pm noon PST deadline on Thursdays for changes you'd like to see reflected in the following week's order! 

If you'd like to learn more, here's a bit from our Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, on how all of NomNomNow's healthy food recipes have been optimized to be nutritious, and delicious, to appease even the pickiest of eaters!


Hear what former picky eaters say about switching to NomNomNow by exploring #nomnomnow on social media, or by exploring our customer page.

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