Why should I feed fresh?

You should feed fresh if you care about maximizing your dog's health! Just like our health improves with better eating, so does the health of our dogs. On the other hand, most mass-manufactured dog food is made using low-quality ingredients like industrial meat byproduct, artificial additives, and cheap fillers - the equivalent of doggie fast food (it's even true of the 'premium' ones!). 

By contrast, all of our ingredients are restaurant-quality, USDA certified human-grade, and 100% fresh - we don't feed our dogs anything we wouldn't eat ourselves!

We also cook our food fresh every week to maximize nutrients. No sitting in a freezer or warehouse for NomNomNow - we cook and get you food as fast and fresh as humanly possible!


You can learn more about the benefits of a fresh dog food diet in this blog post, or from our Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg in the video below:


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