Frequently goes back to lick their bowl?

It's. Just. So. Delicious....Licking an empty bowl likely means your dog is enjoying their fresh NomNomNow, just as they should be! Welcome to the Clean Bowl Club!

Almost all of our customers report similar behavior and it's completely normal. For a majority of our nommers, this simply means your dog loves the taste of the food, but it doesn't mean they actually need more.

However, if your dog seems to be losing weight and going back to lick an empty bowl, please let us know as going back to their bowl repeatedly may be a sign that they need a few more calories. Whenever your dog is losing weight (unwanted or wanted), it's a good idea to let us know by updating your account and adjusting your dog's current weight and target weight to ensure they're getting the appropriate calories they should be.

You can log-in to your NomNomNow account here, or read more about what to do if your dog is losing weight here

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