How should I store the food?

For weekly subscribers, food should be stored in your fridge!

-Store food in the body of the fridge, not the door.

-Store meal packs on their own; please, do not leave them in the box or liner!

-Make sure your fridge is 40°F or colder.

-If you can't be sure your fridge is 40°F or colder, you may want to consider storing the second half of your week's food in your freezer (especially during hotter months).


For monthly subscribers, food will be stored in your fridge and freezer.

-When receiving a delivery, place 14 meal packs in your fridge, and the rest in your freezer. 

(Follow safe storing tips above for your fridge!)

-When you only have 4 meals left in your fridge, move 2 meal packs from your freezer to your fridge. It will take 24-48 hours for them to defrost in your fridge. From now on, whenever you use a meal pack, replace it with a meal pack from your freezer. 

-Please ensure your freezer is 30°F or colder for proper storage.


Fresh meals will stay safe in your fridge for a week at a time. Fresh meals stored in your freezer will stay safe for up to 6 months.

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