Why aren't fresh diets more common?

You may be thinking, this all sounds great...but why aren't fresh dog food diets more common if they're so indisputably the healthiest for my dog?

Fresh diets are not a new concept, but the idea of a company providing fresh food for your dog certainly is! For years, many loving pet parents have cooked for their dogs, and personally paid Veterinary Nutritionists like Dr. Shmalberg to formulate recipes for them. The benefits have been long known, but there has been a ton of education needed to teach other pet parents about the value of fresh (and equally as importantly, combat an outdated industry of processed foods that do not have our pets best interests at heart).

Perhaps most importantly, fresh dog food diets aren't more common because they require a ton of work. It's very challenging to prepare 100% fresh food that is never frozen (and also free of artificial preservatives), and offer a variety of recipes that are expertly balanced for just about any dog. 

Luckily, with time, we have been able to provide a fresh dog food for anyone who would like it-- through the expertise of Dr. Shmalberg, strong technological backgrounds, and the hard work and passion of every team member here at NomNomNow!



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